What's Your Aging Score?

There’s an alarming population of people over 40 who are suffering from Rapid Aging Syndrome...

Take this 3-minute quiz to find out if your body is aging rapidly (and what to do about it)

How Fast Is Your Body Aging?

Recent advances in science have created ways to take a closer look at DNA, to see how lifestyle, environment, and diet all change how genes express. This change in gene expression from outside influences is called Epigenetics. When you use epigenetic markers to measure how well your body is aging, you're looking at your Biological Age.

When you decrease your Biological Age by 7 years, you also cut your risk of developing chronic age-related diseases in half.


Your mind is your best friend.  But it can also be your worst enemy.
Your mind is constantly sabotaging your potential for both performance and happiness.  All your negative emotions, including stress, anxiety, unhappiness are the result of self-sabotage.

Our breakthrough, research-based tools strengthen the part of your brain that serves you and quiet the part that sabotages you.  You handle life’s challenges with a more positive mindset, and less stress.

We call this mental fitness.


 Hi I’m Dr. Jenny Sechler DC, GNP, FNP.

I work with clients to defy the traditional aging process leaving behind the conventional views of consistent decline, pain and fear.

Aging is an inside out job.  Our minds significantly contribute to our state of health and happiness.   I support clients as we build a bridge between the physical and nonphysical to optimize our health and wellbeing.