How Fast Is Your Body Aging?

Recent advances in science have created ways to take a closer look at DNA, to see how lifestyle, environment, and diet all change how genes express. This change in gene expression from outside influences is called Epigenetics. When you use epigenetic markers to measure how well your body is aging, you’re looking at your Biological Age.

When you decrease your Biological Age by 7 years, you also cut your risk of developing chronic age-related diseases in half.

Your Genes DO NOT Determine Your Destiny

We used to believe our genes determined our destiny, it has now been clearly shown that is not true!

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, our genetics are responsible for about 10% of our outcomes while our choices is the deciding factor as to how our genes are expressed.

That is amazing and should be empowering to all of us knowing we can decide how to age and how to live healthy.

This key enabled me to really see the self healing abilities that lie within us that often don’t get used.

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What’s Your Aging Score?

There’s an alarming population of people over 40 who are suffering from Rapid Aging Syndrome…

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Many Common Issues Are Written Off to “Aging” and Completely Ignored

Common issues like digestion problems and low energy are typically ignored by traditional practitioners as we age due to the beliefs that this is expected. Contrary to popular belief, this is not true and by identifying the root causes of these symptoms, answers can be found and solutions can be provided.

The Conventional Aging Model is Outdated and Full of Myths

Through mother, father, teacher and preacher we learned from a young age what the typical aging process looks like and we watched our grandparents and others live it out.  However as a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner  and Chiropractor,  I can tell you the aging model is full of lies and aging does not have to be met with trepidation, chronic illness and loss of independence.

Lifestyle Interventions Are Commonly Dismissed By Mainstream Medicine to Support Healthy Aging

Interventions such as identifying and addressing nutritional deficiencies, fine-tuning dietary needs, eliminating hidden infections and identifying and restoring imbalances and weaknesses within the musculoskeletal system  can all  help to reduce symptoms and improve functionality and energy as we age.

You don’t need to age like most people, there is a better way.

The clock is ticking for all of us

The question really is how do you want to age?

Aging is commonly met with fear and uncertainty and sometimes simple denial.

Conventional wisdom has created a somewhat ugly scenario of aging where we will be on 3 prescription meds by the age of 50, and have at least 1 or 2 chronic illnesses by the age of 60.

Sadly, many people believe these aging lies.. But it doesn’t have to be like that…

You can defy the traditional way of aging through some simple steps.  

If you want to break free from the typical aging model, I can help you paint a new picture of how you want to age. We begin by helping you to understand the changes that occur during different phases of aging.  That is followed by addressing any symptoms, issues and implementing  short and long term strategies to alleviate problems and to prevent falling into the common traps of aging.

Chronological Aging vs Biological Aging

Chronological age matches with our birthdays. It’s simply the time since you’re born.

Biological age represents your cells being on the clock and accelerates or slows down due to genetics, lifestyle choices, nutritional status, stress and illness.

Chronological Age

  • The number of years that have passed since our birth.
  • Cannot be influenced by lifestyle and eating habits.
  • Has little relevance to how you feel and function.

Biological Age

  • How old your cells really are, therefore, our True age which is the metric most highly correlated to their ability to function.
  • Can be reversed by attending to your health.
  • The most important component to the aging process.

While chronological age is a factor, you may not end up having the same biological age as your chronological age. It could be better or worse.

For example, if you’re a 35 year old female who smokes and eats a poor diet and is unhappy in her life, it’s likely her biological age is going to be much worse and likely greater than 35.


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