Dr Jenny Sechler

Jenny Sechler was born in Wisconsin and raised in the Midwest. She now resides in Austin, Texas with her husband Wes of 33 years. Jenny obtained a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Oklahoma, earned two master’s degrees as a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner and Family Nurse Practitioner along with a doctorate degree from Palmer School of Chiropractic. During this education and training, Jenny spent 20 years working in hospital emergency departments and in holistic clinics learning from traditional healers and functional medicine providers. She founded her own practice, Roots of Health, and remotely consults with clients across the country while also practicing in a functional medicine clinic in Austin.

After 30 years of treating the physical manifestations of symptoms, illness, and disease for people, Jenny realized she couldn’t ignore what she was seeing any more. Primary healing was not outside people but within the mind and heart that often went ignored and neglected. In 2020 Jenny made it her mission to help men and women utilize her learning and tools by showing them how to optimize their brain and body for optimal health and aging. 

Jenny helps men and women both personally and professionally at live and virtual events around the world to bust the myths of aging and identify and learn how to reverse their biological age. She uses her own methodology to identify imbalances and deficiencies. She then helps restore function using three key body systems and tapping into the mind to remodel and rewire their brain for longevity, productivity, and optimal success.

To book Jenny for a speaking engagement, please email her with your request.