About Dr. Jenny

Hi I’m Dr. Jenny Sechler DC, GNP, FNP.

Over the last 34 years I have spent in health care I was exposed to emergency trauma centers, hospitals, urgent cares and  office settings and eventually landing in functional medicine. Through all these experiences, I realized that medications are usually just bandaids and the underlying root issue still remained. 

I came to the realization that every symptom is a conversation and our job is  to be detectives to learn what the body was saying. I applied Functional Medicine Principles to every problem with great success.

Over the years what I learned from my clients and my own healing that while the 5 basics of food, water, rest, movement and sleep was extremely helpful to any issue, the primary work to healing was really done in the heart and mind.  

On average we have about 60,000 thoughts every day and sadly the majority of these are negative.  

But now I understand that once we identify our saboteurs within us we can rewire our brains to a greater sense of health and wellbeing and happiness!

Throughout the years of my practice,  many of my clients were middle aged people and I started being asked frequently how to age better and I didn’t have a lot of good answers.  

Honestly, I wasn’t all that interested until I realized I was aging myself and experienced menopause. It wasn’t a pleasant experience.  So, selfishly my interest in the aging process heightened over the past several years and at a great time.  Currently we are learning  so much more about how the mind and body age and many of our perceived beliefs are being blown out of the water as false.  

I have learned and moved beyond the lies and myths of what aging has been painted to look like and I can help you do it too. After modifying my views on aging and implementing functional medicine principles, I am confident about my aging and what it takes to age well.

Regardless whether you’re 40, 50, or 60’s, we can’t escape aging but we can rewrite what our aging story looks like.  A huge part of our story are the stories that we tell ourselves within the mind. 

A key element to aging well and to overall health and wellbeing lies within the mind.  What I’ve done is mix the two together. Whether it be healthy aging or another health issue that might be challenging you, I believe the strategy is two fold of physical modalities and mental fitness. I am  now making mental fitness a priority for every client I work with.  

We can’t ignore the fact that the times we are currently living in are full of chaos, divide and stress.  Our mental health challenges have escalated tremendously over the past couple years and it will continue if we are not able to access the  tools that lie within every one of us to apply mental fitness to our lives.  

Please join me as I create a community where we choose to age well beyond the common myths of aging and build our mental fitness that will produce greater states of happiness and less stress. 

Through our work we can inspire others to take the leap and live the life that we all have access to but have just forgotten.  Let’s be the change together.  Join me on the adventure.  Now whether you want to find out how well your inner body is aging or want to start with your mental fitness you can do one or both.   

By working together, we uncover the solutions to resiliency and create strategies to optimize the potential that often goes untapped in so many people to heal and thrive throughout every phase of our aging lives. 

Keep reading to learn more about common aging myths or you can click here to go to the mental fitness page called Positive Intelligence and I invite you to take The Aging Score Quiz and the Positive Intelligence Quiz to identify your own saboteurs that might be blocking you from a greater state of health and wellbeing.  

Many Common Issues Are Written Off to “Aging” and Completely Ignored

Common issues like digestion problems and low energy are typically ignored by traditional practitioners as we age due to the beliefs that this is expected. Contrary to popular belief, this is not true and by identifying the root causes of these symptoms, answers can be found and solutions can be provided.

The Conventional Aging Model is Outdated and Full of Myths

Through mother, father, teacher and preacher we learned from a young age what the typical aging process looks like and we watched our grandparents and others live it out.  However as a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner  and Chiropractor,  I can tell you the aging model is full of lies and aging does not have to be met with trepidation, chronic illness and loss of independence.

Lifestyle Interventions Are Commonly Dismissed By Mainstream Medicine to Support Healthy Aging

Interventions such as identifying and addressing nutritional deficiencies, fine-tuning dietary needs, eliminating hidden infections and identifying and restoring imbalances and weaknesses within the musculoskeletal system  can all  help to reduce symptoms and improve functionality and energy as we age. 

You don’t need to age like most people, there is a better way.

The clock is ticking for all of us 

The question really is how do you want to age?

Aging is commonly met with fear and uncertainty and sometimes simple denial.

Conventional wisdom has created a somewhat ugly scenario of aging where we will be on 3 prescription meds by the age of 50, and have at least 1 or 2 chronic illnesses by the age of 60.  

Sadly, many people believe these aging lies.. But it doesn't have to be like that... 

You can defy the traditional way of aging through some simple steps.  

If you want to break free from the typical aging model, I can help you paint a new picture of how you want to age. We begin by helping you to understand the changes that occur during different phases of aging.  That is followed by addressing any symptoms, issues and implementing  short and long term strategies to alleviate problems and to prevent falling into the common traps of aging.

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