Here’s Why Declining Brain Power is a Red Flag for Your Aging Score… Please Keep Reading

Do you want more brain power as you age? 

I know I do and this tool can help you do it and it’s not botox or supplements.

If you answered YES, then let me tell you about Positive Intelligence.  

Research has shown that utilizing the principles of Positive Intelligence, you can extend your life by 10 years!

I’m aging too and my goal is to age well and utilize the tools available to me.  Along with a healthy lifestyle building your mental fitness is a key component for healthy aging and living from your true potential

So what is Positive Intelligence?

In simplistic terms, the research looked and identified core factors that impacted performance and wellbeing. Their findings revealed that there are only 10 negative response factors that they called saboteurs. 

I think of saboteurs as that voice in your head thats always negative and brings you down.

An assessment tool was created to identify your personal saboteurs. If you’re curious take this short assessment quiz where they will identify your saboteurs.

The man behind Positive Intelligence is Shirzard Chamine.

Shirzad is the author of the New York Times bestselling Positive Intelligence. Shirzad has lectured on Positive Intelligence at Stanford University and has trained faculty at Stanford and Yale business schools.

Shirzad has been the CEO of the largest coach training organization in the world. A preeminent C-suite advisor, Shirzad has coached hundreds of CEOs and their executive teams. His background includes a BA in psychology, an MS in electrical engineering, and an MBA from Stanford.

Once you identify your own saboteurs then there are simple ways to intercept one’s Saboteur and activating one’s Sage powers. When this is done it automatically results in a wide array of impacts to include:

  • Improved stress management and decreased sense of stress
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Improved relationships 
  • Enhanced performance 
  • Improved resilience and happiness

How is this happening?  

Because we are rewiring the brain at the root level rather than treating symptoms

We have all read books and attended seminars and felt that high afterwards but in a day or a week, that high has fallen away and we have gotten back into our old familiar patterns wondering what happened to that high and nothing has changed.  

The explanation behind this is that most attempts at positive change fail because we get some insight but don’t build habits. 

Sustained change towards a more positive mind requires laying down neural pathways to form new habits through consistent daily practice. And that’s what Positive Intelligence has to offer.

Let me explain a little more about your brain. We have two sides and the left side is the survival brain while the right side is our sage or our thriving side of our brain.  In a little more detail for those who want to dive deeper lets explain the two regions.  

The Survival Region: Where your Saboteurs LiveSaboteurs are the voices in your head that create negative emotions to our daily situations and challenges. The saboteurs exist in the brainstem, limbic system in the left brain. This is where much of your stress, anxiety, anger, guilt, frustration and mind chatter comes from. These negative emotions are not harmful if they come and provide a signal to take action but the danger comes when these emotions hang around and impact your ability to focus and act from a state of goodness rather than stress.  

We all know we have times when we have said or did something we regret and if we could of just had another minute to process that before acting, the outcome would likely be much different.

This is what Positive Intelligence empowers you to do.

The Thrive Region:  Your Inner Sage

Your Sage lives in an entirely different region of your brain, the middle prefrontal cortex, “empathy circuitry”, and parts of the right brain. It generates positive emotions during our daily interactions and challenges.  These include empathy, compassion, gratitude, curiosity, joy of creativity, and clear-headed laser-focused action. Research has shown this region is wired for creativity and big picture awareness of what is important and encourages the best course of action rather than simple reactivity in the moment.  

Activating this region also results in release of endorphins that counter the negative impacts of stress-induced cortisol that can break down your mind and body over time.  

Now that you have a basic understanding of your brain and the saboteurs and your sage, how exactly is this done.  We mentioned earlier that books and seminars are great insight but results are short lived.  Positive Intelligence focuses on habit formation. For sustained and long term results, PI works on building neural pathways that form lasting positive habits. That’s why its referred to as mental fitness. 

The world neuroplasticity is becoming more common place thanks to the work of Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Joe Dispenza. They are revealing the amazing power of the brain through brain scans on their clients showing how to rewire the brain and how thinking positively actually shifts the neural network within the brain.  It’s fascinating and empowering as we once thought we couldn’t change our brain patterns but now we know the truth.  

So the question becomes:

Do you want to be at the mercy of your saboteurs, or do you want to be in command of your mind?

Think of this:  Your brain is made up on neurons.

When a signal travels down a neuron, it results in activation of other neurons based on synapses or networks that connect neurons. But there are multiple choices for which direction the signal would travel. The question is which neuron will be activated. Every time a neuron activates another neuron, they become more closely wired together, making it more likely that the signal will go in that direction the next time around. This constitutes a “neural pathway.” This is where the phrase neurons that wire together fire together has come from. 

This is how a repeated action becomes an automatic habit. In Positive Intelligence, we use the powerful 10-second PQ Rep technique as a way of intercepting the old Saboteur responses, so we can pause and choose a new Sage response. Repetition results in Sage neural pathways (muscles) to counter the old Saboteur muscles. That is why our training results in sustained change, as opposed to results fading over time.

Think of your brain as a muscle and you are working out your brain. Through the Positive Intelligence PQ reps or exercises your brain muscles are being worked out and strengthened.

There are 3 core muscles are addressed:    

  • Saboteur Interceptor
  • Self-Command
  • and Sage. 

While meditation is very helpful and a great tool, the practice focuses solely on Self-Command, which is why it is not sustained by most. It’s great while you’re in it but then once daily life hits us, it tends to get lost. 

Saboteur Interceptor Muscle

Your Saboteurs generate all your negative emotions, including stress, anxiety, self-doubt, anger, avoidance, procrastination, insensitivity or discontent. Mental fitness requires the ability to intercept and discredit the Saboteurs.

Self-Command Muscle

Boost your ability to command your mind to quiet the Saboteur region and amplify the Sage region. Using simple daily exercises, you learn to run your brain, rather than allow your Saboteur-hijacked brain to run you.

Sage Muscle

Your Sage is the one in you that handles challenges with a clear and calm mind, and positive emotions. Your Sage accesses 5 positive powers. For peak performance, you learn to boost all 5 powers.

If you want to discover your saboteurs, take this assessment quiz:

You will find out what your key saboteurs are.

Once you know them I invite you to take part in a 7 week course where you will learn to identify and learn how to intercept those saboteurs while strengthening your sage powers all while seeing your health, wellbeing and relationships improve. 

What can be possible for you in this improved state?  Do you want more peace or joy in life?  Are you interested in improving your relationships because Positive Intelligence can help you with these things.

Make a commitment to improve and build your mental muscles.

The bad news is: your declining brain power is contributing to your rapid aging.

The good news is: There is something you can do about it. 

How To Stop The Aging Process

Recent advances in science have created ways to take a closer look at DNA, to see how lifestyle, environment, and diet all change how genes express. This change in gene expression from outside influences is called Epigenetics. When you use epigenetic markers to measure how well your body is aging, you’re looking at your Biological Age.

When you decrease your Biological Age by 7 years, you also cut your risk of developing chronic age-related diseases in half.

How Does It Work?

Genes control every part of your body – from how well a cell is healing, to how proteins should fold, and how much fat your body should store. 

While your DNA has a list of all the genes you have, Epigenetics change which genes are ON or OFF.

One type of gene-changing marker, called DNA Methylation, lets scientists check what genes your body is actually using, and how those complex patterns are changing your body.Aging isn’t just about vanity – its about how well your cells are functioning.

Are they youthful and quick to heal? Or are they starting to slow down?

Your methylation’s reactiveness to your lifestyle means that you can change how you’re aging in a measurable way, by deliberately choosing what kind of life you’re leading. You can make impactful, long-term changes to your body’s health – all the way down to your DNA.

You can track those changes with one easy metric.

60% of your epigenetic profile is CHANGEABLE

DNA Methylation reacts to everyday choices like nutrition, diet, exercise, along with a host of other lifestyle influences.

TrueAge is Currently The Most Accurate Biological Age Test in the world.

With a small blood sample, the TruAge Biological Age test checks around 900,000 areas of DNA Methylation. 

Using the latest research and data, we compare your unique Methylation patterns against the database of which genes are connected to aging. This comprehensive analysis is called:

Your Biological Age


Once your biological age has been determined, you’ll get an in-depth report that will help you understand what habits and behaviors can help further reduce your biological age and slow your rate of aging!

You can’t manage what you can’t measure – and TruAge gives you the power to measure your aging. With that tool you can then manage your aging, and see what interventions are and aren’t working.

I’m here to help you live healthier and longer by giving you the knowledge needed to slow aging and increase healthspan.