Aging Skin: 5 Key Foods to Eat that Slow Down Aging Skin

If you’re one of the millions of women who are noticing some saggy skin and decreased sense of elasticity this article is for you. Our aging skin is a complex biological part of the aging process and can create saggy and fragile looking skin.   We typically look for anything that might help our skin look […]

The Aging Brain: How to Keep Your Memory and Focus Sharp At Any Age

About 50 million people worldwide have dementia, and there are nearly 10 million new cases every year.   Alzheimers is the most common form of dementia and may contribute to 60-70% of cases.   While these are staggering numbers, we know that dementia affects each person in a different way. Even with cognition studies and papers […]

Natural Solutions to Prevent Aches and Pains as You Get Older

Natalie is a 52 year female real estate agent who has been an avid runner and bicycle enthusiast for many years.  For the past few years  she has been having some achy knees and intermittent back pain that is becoming constant.  She started taking some ibuprofen on and off hoping that would alleviate the pain […]