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There are 5 key foods to slow down aging. Learn what they are and look younger.

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Aging Skin: 5 Key Foods to Eat That Slow Down Aging Skin

The Aging Brain: How to Keep Your Memory and Focus Sharp at Any Age

Natural Solutions to Help Prevent Aches and Pains as You Get Older



Episode 1: Introduction of Principles and Basic Truths of Aging

Episode 2: The 4 Myths of Aging
In This Episode, We Discuss: Four myths of aging We get weak and feeble as we age and thats just the way it is (2:02) We will all be taking multiple medications by the time we’re 60 (7:14) We will all lose our minds (11:12) We will end up living in a nursing home (15:11).

Episode 3: The # 1 Thing That Accelerates Aging
In this episode, we discuss: There are 2 types of inflammation (.31) Harvards Men’s Study (1:50) Lab test for inflammation (3:08) First pillar of improving inflammation (4:41) Elimination diet (7:53) Why you become sensitive/allergic to foods (8:38) Vagus Nerve support (12:38).

Episode 4: The Oral Microbiome and Why It Plays Into Aging
In this episode, we discuss: 800 micro organisms in the mouth (0.59) Oral Disease Journal how oral microbiome affects health (1:53) Mercury (2:52) Importance of saliva (5:29) How acidity affects us (8:02) Oral microbiome supporting toothpaste (11:29) Aloe vera healing mouthwash recipe (12:38).

Episode 5: The Aging Gut: Why Our Digestion Gets Worse the Older We Get (Part I)
In this episode, we discuss: Common digestive disorders(2:40) First key; oral microbiome(4:11) Second key; HCL(hydrochloric acid problems) (8:56) Third key; Gut microbiome changes with age(12:55)

Episode 6: The Aging Gut: Why Our Digestive Gets Worse the Older We Get (Part II)
In this episode, we discuss: 4th key ability to detoxify (0.33) 5th key bile and gallbladder issues (5:23) 6th and final key  decrease in digestive enzymes (8:25) Takeaways (13:05).

Episode 7: The Secrets to Healthy Aging
In this episode, we discuss: Instinctual eating (2:05) Thoughts and beliefs impacting our health (5:22) Dr. Joe Dispenza’s story of men becoming younger (6:12) Checking in with yourself to find balance for your health (11:10).

Episode 8: The Impact Our Hormones Have on Aging
In this episode, we discuss: Women’s Health Initiative (0:56) Hierarchy of hormones (4:40) Adrenals are our gas tank (5:08) Check your hormone balance (12:48).

Episode 9: Losing Your Hair as You Age
In this episode, we discuss: 1/3 of women experience hair loss (0.49) Hair growth phases (1.42) How thyroid hormones affect hair loss (3.21) Inflammation related to hair loss (5.52) How the aging process and genetics play a part (8:05) PRP and exosomes to accelerate hair growth.

Episode 10: 5 Keys to Optimize Your Brain (It’s Not Food)
In this episode, we discuss: Do you forget things more than you used to? (0.10) Normal brain changes include (1:10) Cognitive aging is not a disease (1:57) Tips for brain health (2:41) Sleep a key for the brain (6:12) Out of the box ideas for the brain (8:15) Brainwave patterns (10:15) Positive Intelligence as a strategy( 14:42) NAD to help the brain (17:13).