Natural Solutions to Prevent Aches and Pains as You Get Older

Natalie is a 52 year female real estate agent who has been an avid runner and bicycle enthusiast for many years.  For the past few years  she has been having some achy knees and intermittent back pain that is becoming constant. 

She started taking some ibuprofen on and off hoping that would alleviate the pain but it didn’t help much.

She reluctantly visited an orthopedic clinic a friend referred her to and found herself nervous about what she might learn.  

After x rays and an evaluation, she was told that she should reduce her running as she was developing arthritis and she was working herself toward bone on bone in her right knee if she continued her habits.  

The final blow was when the Dr. told her that someday she would likely need a knee replacement.

He didn’t have much to say about her aches to her back but suggested it was probably related to her exercise and simply aging.  

She was devastated and didn’t hear much more of what she was told as she was in shock.   

This is an all too familiar story. 

Are aches and pains in your near future as you age?

It seems to be happening more and more that you see your family, friends or coworkers having joint surgery, knee and hip replacements, or back surgery. 

Pain medications are all too common and often overused and masking the issue that is being ignored or left unaddressed.  

Is this what we have to look forward to in the upcoming years or is there something we can do..

If you are interested in learning more about some natural keys for your aches and pains, read on..

One thing is true..

Our bodies are aging and they are undergoing changes that we often rarely understand.  One of the bodily changes that occur is our ligaments and tendons that hold your joints together start to shorten and become somewhat stiff and even leathery. 

Arthritis is an often accompanying issue as arthritic degeneration can cause the cartilage in the joint to start wearing away.   

Of people aged 45-64  29.3% have reported doctor-diagnosed arthritis. 

Of people aged 65 years or older, 49.6%  reported doctor-diagnosed arthritis.

Additionally over time, people become less active weakening their joints and surrounding muscles adding to the problems. 

All these processes can lead to aching, soreness and stiffness which eventually causes irritating pain.  Tightness can lead to decreased mobility and increased risk for injuries.

So, what can you do?

The first thing is to start listening to your body. 

What that means is that ordinary joint or muscle soreness can be related to overworking or doing an activity that you aren’t accustomed to yet Initially, just giving your body a rest can alleviate discomfort.  If it doesn’t, then sometimes Arnica or taking an over the counter ibuprofen for a short period of time can help.

The first natural solution is movement.

Exercise is associated with a decrease in arthritic joint pain.  As we exercise, the surrounding muscles grow stronger and create a greater sense of balance for our joints and tissues often causing  a decrease or eliminating the aches and pains.

A 30 minute daily walk  can help balance weak pelvic and core muscles that contribute to aches and pains.  

Yoga is an outstanding practice that brings balance to your entire musculoskeletal system. Don’t worry if you’re not flexible, there are many poses for all types of restrictions within the body.

Stretching either by yourself or with a trainer can bring lengthenting to muscles and surrounding tissues that often bring relief to triggered areas. 

Light weight lifting is also a helpful tool to assist in moving through aches and pains when done at the correct time and okayed by a practitioner.  

The second natural solution is acupuncture.

This  ancient Chinese art has been used for years to treat a myriad of issues.  Though many people are afraid of needles, a large majority of people once they try acupuncture say they didn’t even feel the needles.  

Acupuncture is a minimally invasive treatment used to stimulate areas to influence organs, glands, tissues and support functions within the body.

The treatments stimulate the release of your own endorphins to flow, positivity influence your hormones and oxygen delivery to your tissues to help the affected areas to promote healing.  

The third natural solution is turmeric.

Inflammation is a necessary and helpful function in our bodies when we experience injuries.  It acts without us taking any action and promotes healing. 

However when the inflammation becomes chronic then it can wreak havoc throughout our minds and our bodies. It’s typically a combination of factors related to our diets, stress and lifestyle choices.  

The underlying factors do need to be identified to diminish the effects of inflammation. They can range from food allergies to nutritional deficiencies to hidden infections. The bottom line is that this inflammation can cause increase in aches and pains anywhere in your body.  

That’s where turmeric shines.  It has powerful anti inflammatory properties and is easy to use while not breaking the bank. 

It’s commonly added to smoothies, sauces or even teas.  Many people prefer to take this in a supplement form and take it in the morning with their breakfast.  A daily dose of 200mg to 1,000mg is commonly recommended.  

Ultimately there is no way to reverse the clock of aging within our bodies.

While many people around us experience aches and pains and write them off to normal aging, don’t be one of them..

Know that by embracing some easy and effective solutions you can turn off your aches and pains and continue or resume those activities that you miss doing.

Defy traditional aging and live life on your terms!

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In optimal living,

Dr. Jenny

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